Mandalay Palace is a huge fortress located near the Hill. It is actually not the original building but a reconstruction in 1990s. It has a series of 40 different wooden houses closely resemble the originals which were sadly razed to the ground by a fire. Among them, the wooden watchtower is a great place to come to take in the scenic views of Mandalay.


2. Mingun Pagoda

Mingun Pagoda is located across the Ayeyarwaddy River, which is about a 90-minute drive out of town. This almost square-shaped pagoda is crowded at the entrance but if you walk around it, you will be the only one there.

3. Shwe In Bin Kyaung

Shwe In Bin Kyaung was built in 1895 and is an ornately decorated extraordinary monastery in Mandalay area. It is built from teak which has been carved in intricate patterns which make it one of the prettiest buildings of Mandalay. The main building is set on large poles made from tree trunks.

4. U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge is one of the main attractions of Mandalay and probably the most iconic site in all of Myanmar. This 1200-meter long wooden footbridge which stretches from Mandalay to Amarapura is famous for being the longest teak bridge in the world. The visitors who do not enjoy walking across can ride a boat underneath the bridge when there is water or can even walk under the bridge in February when there was almost no water under the bridge.

5. Shwenandaw Monastery

This beautiful wooden monastery is known for its pretty carved panels displaying stories about the past life of the Buddha. This would once have been part of the Mandalay Palace complex and would also have been the royal residence of King Mindon. But then, it was ripped down and rebuilt outside the palace walls and changed into a monastery when King Thibaw came to the throne.

6. Eindawya Pagoda

Eindawya Pagoda which was built in 1847 consists of a large stupa covered in gold leaf and it also had been the palace of King Pagan Min. Don’t forget to take off your shoes in the premise.

7. Sacred Heart Cathedral

If you have had enough of looking at temples and stupas, you can also visit to the main Catholic church in Mandalay. The church was founded in the 19th century and was built in the colonial style.


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7 Most Famous Iconic Buildings You Must Visit in the Old Royal Capital of Myanmar, Mandalay​




Picturesque Mandalay is famous for being the old royal capital of Myanmar. The city is big, busy and somehow has its charm. You can see the evidences of the Burmese kings of the past lived in the city such as some of their palaces, and the city still has a royal feel to it which is very different from other cities. You can admire the unique architecture of the pagodas and the world-famous U Bein Bridge. Many visitors report that they had a great time especially in the majestic sites and some of the most famous iconic buildings mentioned below.


1. Mandalay Palace