Beer Gardens in Mandalay

There are many beer stations in Mandalay. Some beer stations are open-air and decorated with metal or plastic chairs and tables.

Dad's BBQ, convivial semi-open-air beer-and-barbecue station, can offer a low-key, tourist-friendly food menu such as pizza, burgers, wings, and nachos.

Uncle Chan Beer Station has a huge range of barbecue as well as Burmese-Chinese dishes with polar-cold brews in super-frosty mugs.

The Square BBQ & Restaurant offers a good selection of beer and mouth-watering barbecue menu including live music of the pop and rock variety on a stage in a pleasant outdoor-garden space strung with lights every night.

Rainbow, the smoky, dusty, and lively beer station, serves reasonable food and is often crowded with soccer-watching.

Royal Lake Café is this lakeside complex that has a boardwalk seating area with stage for live music. You can have a beer without eating a meal when it's quiet.

Yunan 3 is an excellent place for barbeque and Chinese specialties, White House is a favorite destination of the backpacker crowds, and Super 81 is preferred by most local people. Their prices are very reasonable.

The Unique Features with Culture Shows

Mandalay nightlife is famous for awesome art performances in terms of recreational activities.

At Mandalay Marionettes and Culture Show, tourist can expect a different kind of entertainment at night, specifically a puppet show. These cultural shows are traditionally used to educate and deliver the news daily.

Another one is the Moustache Brothers. It is famous because of its combination of comedy, tradition and political commentary and also enthralling puppet shows, and live music concerts performed by talented Burmese artists.

Fun in Sunset Palace View Suites

In the Sunset Palace View Suites, the Sunset Sky Bar is a place that’s worth to spend your nightlife to enjoy refreshing cocktail or indulge in a delicious poolside snacks with the magnificent view of the Mandalay Hill and Royal Palace Wall.

Café and Tea Houses

Goffee Coffee offers typically the contemporary choices, from pour-over to the frappes, with the handful of excellent pastries and cakes.

Min Thiha, in which three trees grow through the roof of this archetypal, is a busy teahouse. There, noodles and other quick eats are available.

Given Coffee, the most committed to the local authenticity of its product, works with Burmese farmers growing the beans and tells the accompanying story. Its espressos are strong and some signature items of the shop are expertly made frappes, shakes, and 'wellness' teas.

Unique Mandalay Teashop is good for breakfast and espressos for non-tea drinkers.

Unison Teahouse is a retreat place after watching furtive-looking gem merchants, and discussing deals over a cup of Myanmar tea. If you are looking for accommodation in Mandalay, we recommend Sunset Palace View Hotel




Nightlife in Mandalay Might Be Different from Other Places But Here Is A Local Way to Enjoy It!​



Tourist visits Myanmar because of the history, religion, and culture associated with this famous destination. They enjoy the sunsets on a clear day in Mandalay; after that, they spend their nights in Mandalay to find much variety in the nightlife. Not surprisingly, Mandalay nightlife has inclined towards cultural activities and is quite unique if compared to other places.​