Mandalay: The City with Own Cultural Charm in Myanmar​

Planning for another trip to Myanmar? We’d like to introduce Myanmar cultural city, Mandalay, that you should not miss as your next travel destination.


Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar and found on the upper part of the country, located on the east bank of the River. Mandalay was founded on 1857 by King Mindon and the name was given after the 236-metre high Mandalay Hill. Mandalay, known as the cultural city of Myanmar, was once the capital city of Kongbong Dynasty, which was the last monarchy and independent kingdom of Burma.


During Konbaung Dynasty, the city of Mandalay served as proof of the splendor of the Golden Age in Burma.  King Mindon, who was a devoted Buddhist, established Mandalay Buddhist Art as the pure art of Myanmar during his regime. The styles of Mandalay Buddha images and Buddhist statues can be seen throughout the city. There is also the world’s official “Buddhist Bible”, known as the world’s largest book exists at Kuthodaw Pagoda, at the base of the Mandalay Hill. Because of King Mindon devotion to Buddhism, Mandalay becomes Burma cultural and religious center of Buddhism, having numerous monasteries and more than 700 pagodas. There are also Myanmar royal palace where you can study the culture of Myanmar Konbaung Dynasty and 729 slabs of stone that are inscribed with the entire Pāli canon, each housed in its own white stupa. But in 1885, Konbaung kingdom conquered by British Empire and became the end of dynasty.


When the Second World War break out, both the city and the Royal Palace were suffered extensive destruction during the fight. However, the palace and city were renovated in 1990s and a few concrete replica have been built and further reconstructions are being conducted.


Today, Mandalay still serves as the cultural center of Myanmar and home to several Buddhist monasteries and examples of Myanmar masonry. Although the city is historically relevant, it remains fresh and contemporary with modern hotels and establishments.


On your visit, you will see the ancient culture of Myanmar which is harmoniously added with new architectural photography of modern houses and brick buildings. You can also enjoy the cultural beauty of the Royal Palace with the moat surrounding it and the natural impressionistic beauty of the Mandalay Hill, its slopes studded with pagodas, looming over the city. There are also splendid markets, mosques, gold workshops, a bustling riverside to explore, and thriving teahouse culture where you can get the chance to mingle with the exceptionally friendly locals.Today Mandalay may become the smoggy city with ever-growing number of motorbikes and cars clog the roads. Except from that, Mandalay has its own charm and should never miss city for people who are interested in Myanmar Culture.


Mandalay has been the subject of literature ever since Konbaung Dynasty and also described by infamous authors like George Orwell and John Masters in their works; Mandalay will be the liking of yours while enjoying the city and sunset over the Mandalay Hill.


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